I’m a queer, dance-obsessed, truth-seeking, strategy-loving, unapologetic business coach.

Diane Whiddon in front of dandelion graffiti
Diane Whiddon in front of dandelion graffiti

Especially if your relationship with your mom is toxic, strained, or over.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Here’s just a little bit of love to everyone out there who’s having a hard time on social media this week.

The “all moms are loving and wonderful” memes can feel a little saccharine and disingenuous to those of us who don’t share that experience.

Just so you know, whatever relationship you have with your mother is okay, even if you’ve had to draw firm boundaries, or leave the relationship altogether. No one does that lightly, and your needs and desires are as valid as the boundaries you draw to protect them.

You’re allowed to remove toxic people from your life, no matter who they are, and your family of origin is not the only family you will ever know.

There’s also no reason to believe the lie that no one will love you as well as your mother. That’s…

Are you stifling your business growth because you’re not clearly stating what sets you apart from your competition?

Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

One of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy is your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s what sets you apart from your competition.

It makes you ‘unique’ and gives people a reason to choose you over your competition. This is important because if you want to charge a premium for your service, it’s your USP that lets you do that.

Without a USP, you have no choice but to offer the lowest price.

If you’re not talking about what’s amazing and special about what you offer, people will simply move on to the next business that meets their needs, especially if that business is showcasing what’s amazing and special about what…


Business coach and writer. Lover of gluten-free waffles, reality tv, and freedom. https://instagram/diane.whiddon

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